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Research and development
New fan base and prestressed anchor
Detailed information:

3.1 R & D background
The basis of (1) the original plate independent expansion is not suitable for megawatt-class wind turbine;
(2) The original single fan base in the form does not fit in the changing geological conditions;
(3) original embedded in the foundation of the tower there is a big hidden.

(B) advantages:
Overcome the basis of the basic ring of the strength, stiffness, mutation, and may easily cause brittle fracture shortcomings
Of the concrete has been in a state of compression, no cracking, improve structural durability
Foundation reinforced with Anchor interspersed with each other, improve the basic integrity
Ring the basis of single-piece weight can be assembled instead Anchor, single weight significantly reduced, only smaller crane foundation construction stage can save construction equipment fees
Supporting the construction of measures can be precisely adjusted level and verticality of the anchor bolt assembly
Direct tension method is applied to the anchor bolt pre-tension, avoid Anchor pulling, twisting under complex stress state the brittle broken, improve the strength of the anchor bolt, basic security improved
The construction is simple, once pouring (the foreign technical secondary pouring)

3.5 effective

(A) to conserve resources for the country (160,000 cubic meters of concrete in 2010)
(B) for the owner to save cost (each 1.5MW wind turbine foundation savings of 15 million to 20 million)

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