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MY3.2-120m Mixed Tower in Fucheng, Huarun
Detailed information:
The full-prestressing concrete pylon of Jinhai Co., Ltd. is developed jointly by WTT Company of the United States and Tongji Jinhai Wind Power Structure Research and Development Center. The prefabricated concrete structure with three-stage straight section is used to design the top short steel tower tube. The height of the concrete section can be adjusted flexibly according to the engineering requirements, optimizing the allocation to the greatest extent and reducing the cost. The segmented barrel section can realize the localization prefabrication of the project and greatly reduce the transportation cost. There are no vertical joints in the whole tower, and no leveling grouting is needed for the horizontal joints between the towers, which shortens the splicing time on site. With external prestressing strand, the tension period can be controlled to shorten the construction period. Match-cast error control technology is developed independently to ensure hoisting accuracy. Compared with flexible steel tower, concrete tower has excellent dynamic characteristics and safety performance. Damping ratio and structural stiffness are higher than flexible towers. Vibration of tower installation and full life operation cycle is less than flexible towers. It does not need to rely on control strategy to cross the resonance area to ensure the income of power generation. At the same time, the design life of tower can be increased to 50 years, creating a longer investment value for owners.
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