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The longitudinal flanges points tablets tower
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With the improvement of the power of the wind turbine, the tower suffered loads growing wind turbine tower for a single tube tower structure, due to the conditions of transport constraints, and its diameter is generally not more than 4.5m. However, due to the high-power wind turbine tower suffered load below the 4.5m diameter single tube tower used in high-power fan poor economy and uneven force reasonable. Therefore, the high-power wind turbine tower selection have become quite important.

Large-diameter longitudinal flange connections slice tower is one of the ways to achieve rational and economical tower force. Tower with a diameter of 1 to 2 segments in the bottom of the tower of the high-power fan is more than 4.5m above the longitudinal flange is divided into several pieces, so that it can be easily transported to the site; then after the slices the tower assembled into a complete tower cylinder and lifting and installation. This scenario tower design is no longer limited by the conditions of transport, and thus can be used to a larger diameter, wall thickness smaller economic tower program.

The longitudinal flange has successfully applied to a number of large television tower, Linyi TV Tower, Zhoukou TV Tower, Daqing TV Tower. The mechanical characteristics and manufacturing requirements and focus on research combined with current experience in the design of wind turbine tower, vertical flange into the wind tower

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