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Hard land-based beam-slab spread footings
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Power fans need to bear a greater load (moment-based), to increase the basis of anti-overturning bearing capacity, tend to be larger in diameter, and thus the length of cantilevered foundation. Use of the plate extended structure bending low efficiency, poor economy. High efficiency using bending beam plate extended structure instead of the plate extended structure, the basis of the economy.

Basis of wind power towers are often subjected to large bending moments and smaller pressure, more than extended basic compression capability and independent bending efficiency is not high, the base edge of the foundation disengaged often play a control role. Thus in foundation slab Center pad round polystyrene board, reduce and optimize the the ring foundation slab foundation contact surface, the compressive stress increases, roughly equal to the bending stress, the basis of the edge from the foundation soil phenomenon have been alleviated.


The weakness of the weak soil land base base combined with the basis of the beam-slab expansion

Base-base combined with a beam-slab expansion base

Lower bearing capacity of soft ground, manual processing methods (water, soil mixing pile, sand pile, dynamic compaction method, replacement method, etc.) to improve the bearing capacity of foundation to improve the nature of the deformation in order to achieve the requirements of bearing fan based, and extend the design beam-slab-based processing to meet the design requirements of the foundation soil. Weak land base using ground treatment combined with beam-slab extended foundation program not only saves cost, and shorten the construction period.

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