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The coastal soft ground Precast Prestressed cylinder basis (PPC-based)
Detailed information:

The horizontal ground reaction force the cylinder basis of vertical axial distribution of torque directly resisting moment to reduce turning moment on the basis of the link, bending and high efficiency.

Basis of precast prestressed cylinder by the paragraphs same bottomless reinforced concrete cylinder shell composed between sections connected by anchor bolt prestressed, its main feature is simple structure, construction speed, low cost, the foundation the ability to adapt and improve the flexural performance of the foundation, to facilitate factory processing, and concrete relative reduction in the amount of, thereby reducing the cost of wind turbine tower foundation in soft soil area, the fan further shorten the construction time. In the the coastal soft ground promotion precast prestressed cylinder base, and save more than 20% of the cost than the existing pile foundation, and construction is not subject to tidal influence; foundation construction method with the of precast prestressed cylinder basis of development series in the intertidal zone structure installation methods and equipment to reduce more than 10% of the installation costs. 

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