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The reverse balance the flange
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     My company has independent intellectual property rights - reverse balance flange, jointly issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the national key new product. Reverse balanced flange is mainly used for the connection between the wind turbine tower cylinder balanced side set to the heart by the the reverse flange plate stiffening plate within the tower, in the circulating air loads balancing planes largely offset the through stiffeners role in the tensile stress torque tube section, required to connect the bolt diameter and appropriate length, and the pre-tension values can be precisely controlled, so as to achieve the anti-fatigue and maintenance-free function. Using reverse balanced flange as a connector can ensure that the tower bending stiffness constant cycle power load greatly improved by the force of the blower tube. Reverse balance flange novel structure, reasonable design, more than 50% reduction in the amount of steel, an effective solution to the the traditional flange manufacturing process of high energy consumption, high pollution problem.

Unlike ordinary flange, reverse balanced the flange with fresh board front flange plate after the thickened flange plate only increased stiffener flange stiffness can be increased, at the same time, increased stiffening plate bolts growth conduciveaccurately applied bolt pre-tension. By adjusting the size of the flange, stiffeners balancing planes suffered pressure in the Weld A (stiffening plate and cylinder wall weld) at the moment and bolt pre-tension at the weld A Moment balance thereby reduce weld A suffered moment, reducing the size of the stiffeners.
Compared with forged flanges, reverse balance the flange changed connection of the wind turbine tower technology, has the following advantages: the bolt operation spacing from stiffeners affect bolt arrangement of fine compact flange plate thinning; reduce steel 10% above, while the lower flange part per ton of finished Price 20%; end milling surface to reduce the production of low energy consumption, low cost; reverse balanced flange tower butt weld butt weld the same material, the tube wall, with butt weld tower, easy to guarantee the quality of welding; small amount of welding, welding facilities; improve weld force status of the flange and the cylinder wall, and solve the defects of the weld heat affected zone.

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