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Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, deputy secretary, mayor Wen Zhanbin line to come to our investigation

The afternoon of November 10, 2016, Guangdong Province, deputy secretary of Yangjiang Municipal Committee, mayor Wen Zhanbin and deputy general manager of China in Three Gorges new energy Co., Ltd. He Hongxin, deputy secretary of Jiangsu Province, Funing county magistrate Xu Huaming is accompanied by leaders to visit our company. Company deputy general manager, chief engineer Shi Hui accompanied and introduced the company's relevant circumstances.
Zhanbin Wen and his entourage to Sinoma, mountain wind power enterprise production workshop site visit, a detailed understanding of Jinhai company and Funing County wind power industry development situation, to introduce and talk with staff on the economic and social development of Funing county especially highly of wind power industry. At the forum, Xu Huaming briefly introduced the basic situation of Funing county. He said that Yangjiang is a vibrant and great potential for development of the city, there are a lot of experience and practice is worth learning, hope to further strengthen exchanges and mutual support. Through the investigation of the exchange, we deepen friendship on the basis of in-depth communication, to bear more fruits in the project cooperation, sincerely welcome entrepreneurs in Yangjiang and China three new energy limited investment to Funing.
Wen Zhanbin said, very pleased to be able to lead a delegation to Funing visit exchanges, this is a rare opportunity, especially the regional economic and social development of Funing water supply, housing project and other practical livelihood achieved impressive. Here the air is fresh, beautiful environment, change with each passing day, is a good place for happiness. I hope this study in Funing and Yangjiang, to further deepen exchanges between the Chinese three new energy Co. Ltd, Jinhai company friendship, promote feelings, seeking greater breakthroughs in new energy resources such as the extension of industrial cooperation, I believe this visit will become a good opportunity in the future we win-win cooperation, will bear fruit.



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