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Company organization to carry out the "secret Publicity Month" activities

According to the China Three Gorges Corporation of the relevant notification requirements, in order to further improve the company staff security awareness and security skills, according to the 2016 group security work arrangements, the company has launched the "security awareness month" activities from October 1, 2016 to October 31st.

During the event, the general manager of the company office of leading cadres, classified personnel and staff to seriously study the secrecy provisions of responsibility, "Party cadres and personnel involved confidential knowledge and confidential" must know knowledge, at the same time with the main leaders in charge of confidential work in charge of the business leaders, leading China Three Gorges Corporation signed "the leading personnel to fulfill the confidentiality commitment the book".

Company to "confidential Publicity Month" as an opportunity to re education, re cognition and re improve all aspects of security work, clear the duty of confidentiality, secrecy to master skills, improve security awareness, to achieve full confidentiality, good confidentiality, will understand the secret. Professional work in close contact with reality, earnestly implement the responsibility system for security work, the establishment of long-term mechanism to prevent the leakage of confidential education events.

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