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China offshore wind power industry development international summit and offshore wind power industry chain business summit

By August 24, 2016, China offshore wind grid sponsored, Fujian Province Water Conservancy and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute Co organized the Chinese offshore wind power industry development summit and the international sea wind power industry chain docking business summit in Huarun New Energy Holdings Limited, Chinese Danish Wind Group, CCCC third Harbor Engineering Co., China energy construction Yunnan Electric Power Design Institute Group Limited support, held in Fujian city in Fuzhou province. The conference attracted experts from domestic and international offshore wind power industry and well-known enterprises and institutions participating. Conference delegates on the domestic offshore wind power industry in recent years, the development of new products and the development of the introduction, exchange and discussion.

Conference site

Chinese Wind Energy Association honorary director Shi Pengfei, academician of the Academy of Engineering China China Sea Institute researcher Hou Baorong, Fujian investment and development Refco Group Ltd deputy general manager Lin Chong, general manager of Fujian Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd. Xu Qingzhao Fujian water conservancy and Hydropower Survey and design institute party committee secretary Li Yun, the general manager of the Wind Energy Ltd Li Chunlin, founder of Chinese offshore wind power grid the opening ceremony of the meeting Mr Zhu Yue. The development of wind power field in recent years is summarized, have certain expectations on the future trend of offshore wind power.

Speech by Mr. Shi Pengfei, honorary director of the China Wind Energy Association

My company chief engineer Shi Hui, assistant chief engineer Dr. Zhang Mingyi, technical director of Zhang Dongcan and Ceng Jiangquan on behalf of Jinhai company R & D personnel to attend the meeting and at the meeting of the company product reverse balance flange applied to the current situation and Prospect of offshore wind power on the report.

The sea wind waves work environment, offshore wind power flange to use conditions worse than the onshore flange, flange in addition to withstand normal operation of the wind turbine load, in the typhoon, waves and other extreme conditions by the probability of ultimate load than onshore wind TVU increased, the structure of safe operation in the whole the life cycle of a severe test of the fan support, at the same time also increased the number of frequent maintenance operation and maintenance cost and operation risk. In the meeting, Dr. Zhang Mingyi introduced the application and Prospect of the core products of our company. The application status and Prospect of the reverse balance flange in the offshore wind turbine tower. Facing the challenge of offshore wind power flange connection, the reverse balance flange has better anti loosing performance, less maintenance and energy saving than the traditional forging flange.

Dr. Zhang's speech

This meeting let the experts domestic offshore wind power industry and the more well-known enterprises understand the reverse balance flange more than 6000 units of the project performance and a broad application prospect in the wind on the sea, and shows the value and significance of reverse balance flange used in the field of offshore wind power to the delegates.

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