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Jinhai company in Xiangshui sea wind power project technical report internal discussion

In August 30, 2016, the total presided over by the Three Gorges Three Gorges company with Xiangshui Endi Zhai, organized the "Jiangsu province Xiangshui sea wind power project technical report internal discussion in Yancheng".

"Xiangshui offshore wind farm project group in the Three Gorges group chief engineer Endi Zhai, Three Gorges New Energy Company deputy general manager Wang Wubin, vice president Lu Zhongming, Changsha Institute, the Three Gorges group strategic planning department deputy director Huang Rifu as the main person.

Conference site

By the Three Gorges group Zhai total presided over the audit report and technical summary of "Jiangsu Xiangshui offshore wind farm project". Each company to report their own company to edit the chapters and complete the content. My company general manager assistant Zhang Mingyi, technical director, marketing manager Zhang Dongcan Zhai Zihan as the representative to attend this meeting. Among them, 8 sets of gold wind 3MW-121 wind turbine using our company reverse balance flange and 2 SIEMENS 4MW-130 fans using our company anchor bolt foundation. According to the reverse balance flange and anchor bolt foundation technology, I Division Zhang Mingyi and Zhang Dongcan respectively. Among them, the application of the reverse balance flange - compared to the forging flange structure, more than 50% bolts, can survive more elastic strain energy, the effect is excellent. Through the direct tension method for precisely applying bolt preload, fundamentally avoid the internal loose bolts, prolong maintenance cycle, reduce the maintenance cost. Realization of life cycle cost savings. End milling surface is less, saving energy and reducing consumption, the cost is lower than that of forging flange.

Based on the application of anchor bolt, the prestressed anchor bolt can overcome the weakness of strength and stiffness of foundation ring foundation, easy to cause brittle failure. Using the direct tension method preload, avoid anchor bolts in tension, torsional stress brittle fracture, improve the anchor strength, the concrete has been in a state of compression, no cracking, improve structure durability.

Leaders of the company for the two part of the valuable advice, I take the Secretary seriously and reasonable adoption. At the meeting, as of the end of September 2, 2016 to complete the preparation of the report.

Supplementary modification Report

The meeting was carried out at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and some members of the staff were organized by the Xiangshui company to visit offshore monitoring stations.

Visit Xiangshui monitoring station

The project marks the Jinhai company products has made a major breakthrough in the application of offshore wind power, the company will have to develop more affordable as in the past security products, bring value to the wind power industry.


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