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Lu Chunlai, chairman of the Three Gorges group, we investigate and research

On 15 September 2015, China Three Gorges Corporation chairman, party secretary Lu Chun, the Yangtze River Three Gorges group assistant general manager Shao Kuan Cai, Jun Xin Xu, director of the office, professional group chief engineer Zhai Endi, strategic planning department director Bai Yong, office of the Secretary of the office director Huang Zongwen, three Gorges group leaders in the Three Gorges new energy chairman Jian Jun fan, party secretary, deputy general manager Wang Dunchun, deputy general manager Wang Bin, assistant general manager Wang Yiqun, office director Lun Hui Wang, accompanied with the leaders went to Jiangsu Jinhai Corp., Ltd inspection and investigation. Yancheng party secretary Zhu Kejiang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Dai Yuanhu, Funing county Party Secretary Gu Yunling, county Xu Huaming and other cities and counties to participate in activities.
Lu, chairman of the line in Jinhai company general manager Yang Zhou accompanied visited the company's production workshop, office and staff canteen, detailed understanding of the company product characteristics, market situation and company employees living and working conditions, for my company in a neat and orderly work scene and beautiful living environment gave highly. After the visit, Chairman Lu participated in the Jinhai company leading the work report, understanding founded from the company has production, capital operation, direction and focus of work in the next stage; Development Corporation to be group be support matters and other aspects of the report. Luchun listened carefully to the report is not an answer to a question, in Jinhai company development process encountered such as key project propulsion, access to resources, project bidding, project financing, Lu Chun, chairman of one by one analysis, and puts forward the explicit solutions, spoke highly of my company of "production, learning and research" combination of thoughts of development strategy, the Jinhai company "science and technology, economy" double high benefit to give a high evaluation.


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